Patio Plans For Inspiration

Create a "wow" patio!

Here are professional patio designs shown in AutoCAD, Sketchup 3D and photos. Use them for your project, get ideas, and learn how to create a patio to make it special.

Patio Plans For Inspiration has patio designs that you can actually use for your own project. I have not found another ebook around that offers this to help homeowners with their designs.

You will find, AutoCAD drawings, Sketchup 3D designs and project photos. I am a professional landscape designer with a degree in Landscape Architecture. These are my own drawings and designs...feel free to make use of them, get ideas, and get answers to design questions that you have.

Also in the book are sections on features that make patios special, such as seat walls, ponds, pergolas, etc. I also discuss hardscape materials. Learn which paving is right for you and your project...bluestone, pavers, concrete, travertine, brick and other natural stone.

If you ever have any questions, you can always contact me. My contact information is in the book.

Good luck!

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