Designing Front Yards

Here are professiona design ideas, tips and recommendations to help you design front yards. Eliminate the confusion by following these recommendations by a professional Landscape Designer with a degree in Landscape Architecture and 15 years experience!

Designing Front Yards shows you exactly how to create an exciting front yard design. There are 78 detailed pages and numerous pictures on topics such as the foundation planting, plants along your walkway, driveway plants, inexpensive landscape ideas and much, much more. Learn about the following and make your front yard stand out from the crowd! * The value of landscaping…yes I mean money! What does landscaping do to your home value? * Inexpensive ideas for walkways, plants, walls, etc. * Lots of professional landscape pictures. Some have won awards. * Creating a front foundation planting without mistakes! * Easy design concepts to follow (eliminate the confusion). * Landscape trees – where, what and how many to plant. * Color in the landscape – easy, beautiful perennials and how to lay them out. * Avoid costly mistakes with three great tips – sun conditions, plant sizes and plant features. * Driveway plantings. * Additional beds – should you? I have a degree in Landscape Architecture from Rutgers University. This book will provide you with professional information and ideas!

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